The bronze statues from Zuglio

Some of the decorative bronze elements from the Forum of Iulium Carnicum (Zuglio in Carnia) were added to Museum collections in the beginning of 19th century. Iulium Carnicum was a town located on the road to the Noricum and was the administrative centre of a large alpine territory during the Roman age. In 1939 the collection increased with the bronze portrait and other decorative elements, found under the basilica, where they were stocked to be recasted. Restoration and intensive studies have allowed to understand the meaning of these important findings which were exhibited in 1994.

The current exhibition includes two inscriptions probably from the base of one or two statues erected in honour of Gaius Baebius Atticus, who had important positions under Claudius (41-54 AD), an extraordinary bronze clipeus representing a vir togatus; fragments of two more shields and other decorative elements from the Forum; the well-known portrait of an illustrious person of Iulium Carnicum, whose chronology is still debated.

The overall complex constitutes an exceptional context, which represents an unicum in the  artistic heritage of Roman age art.