Provveditori's Palace

Palazzo Provveditori Veneti

The Palazzo dei Provveditori Veneti has been designed by Andrea Palladio and built between 1565 and 1596. It has been the residence of “Provveditori” nominated by Venetian Doge which ruled Cividale for about three hundred years. It was constructed over the Palazzo Patriarcale which according to historical sources was built in the eighth century by patriarch Callisto, together with the episcopal church and the baptistery of Saint John. It has been for some times the residence of the Aquileia Patriarchs. After being completely restored in the Late Middle Ages it was demolished in the middle of sixteenth century.

The remains, together with other building of the Episcopal complex and the Gastaldaga, form the Cividale site of the Italia Langobardorum network which since 2012 is part of Unesco World Heritage list. In the Museum basement and in the nearby archaeological area, it is possible to see the structural phases of the Palazzo Patriarcale, and some residences from the Late Roman age-Early Middle ages, surrounded by tombs.