Cividale of the Patriarchs

From the High Middle ages to the fifteenth century Cividale (Civitas Austriae) has been the residence of the Patriarch (except for some periods), who was at the same time metropolitan of Aquileia and vassal of the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. It was one of the most important towns of the patriarchal state of Aquileia.

The sculptures in the lapidary third section should be referred to the building decoration of this period.

Most of them are patere and panels, mainly zoomorphic decoration plus some pillars "a colonnine", arc corbels, friezes and architectural frames, in some cases still bearing traces of the original polychrome decoration.

The largest group includes reliefs commonly called "Venetian-Byzantine", belonging to a production developed between the beginning of the eleventh and the beginning of the fourteenth century AD, which were probably part of the decoration of the Patriarchal Palace and of other buildings of the Episcopal complex.